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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feeding Fingers Live Webcast Tues., Feb. 5 at 23:00 CET / 5:00PM EST Discussing the Production and Release of Their 4th Studio Album, "The Occupant"

Join Feeding Fingers frontman, Justin Curfman LIVE on Tuesday, February 5 at 23:00 CET / 5:00PM EST at via Google+ Hangouts & YouTube Live for an interactive webcast to discuss the production and release of Feeding Fingers' 4th full-length studio album, "The Occupant". 

To participate, you may do one or all of the following:

- Send your questions / comments ASAP to:

- Send your contact request ASAP to the Skype username: tephramedia

- Follow the group on Twitter

- Keep up with us on Facebook

- Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Justin will be playing the album in full and talking about it track-by-track. He will also be reading listener questions and comments on the Feeding Fingers Facebook and Twitter feeds and addressing them in real-time during the broadcast.

Also, you are invited and encouraged to call in to the show via Skype to talk to him directly. If you would like to do so, please send a Skype contact request immediately to the Skype username: tephramedia.

We suggest that you listen to the album beforehand. To do so, simply go to and pay whatever you want for it to download it in either .MP3 or .WAV formats.
There will be free giveaways to participants, including CDs, posters, books and more!