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Friday, March 15, 2013

"The Occupant" International Concert Tour - Let's Make it Happen Together!

By Participating in Our "Occupant" Tour Fundraiser at Indiegogo

Feeding Fingers want to come to YOUR town as a part of "The Occupant" international concert tour and they want to make a documentary about getting there and back. But, they need YOUR HELP to make this happen.

Go to Indiegogo and take a few minutes to watch a personal video appeal from frontman, Justin Curfman from Salzburg, Austria.

And while you're there, take advantage of all of the FREE music download links being offered there just for looking at the page - including Feeding Fingers' first three studio album releases in their entirety, which we have made available for everyone publicly for the next 60 days so that you may share the music freely with friends and family that you think might appreciate the group. Help us spread the word! 

Thank You,