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Monday, April 15, 2013

A New, Official Feeding Fingers Music Video Directed by Ronny Carlsson - "Mine is Not the Only Voice in My Head"

To mark the half-way point of Feeding Fingers' "The Occupant Tour" fundraiser campaign running now at Indiegogo, a new, official music video directed by Ronny Carlsson has just been released.

The Song:

Justin Curfman
"Mine is Not the Only Voice in My Head" was written and recorded by Feeding Fingers front-man, Justin Curfman during the winter of 2012 at the Musikum in Salzburg, Austria and included on the group's recently release fourth studio album, "The Occupant" through the incorporated use of dual grand and upright pianos and the collaborative efforts of Serbian violinist, Maja Backovic  

The Director:

Ronny Carlsson
Ronny Carlsson is a filmmaker and movie critic ( based in Karlstad, Sweden. Since 2008, Ronny has been experiencing a rather prolific phase in his creative career, directing and releasing three shorts, "Video Geisteskrank" (2008), "My Monster" (2009) and perhaps his most recognized and critically-acclaimed film to-date, "Récompence" (2010) as well as his first feature-length film, "Regissören" (2011) and his first, official Feeding Fingers music video for the song, "Detach Me From My Head" (2011).  

Ronny's most recently completed, feature-length film, "Dust Box", starring Mariah Kanninen and featuring a soundtrack provided by Feeding Fingers, Justin Curfman and others, has just been picked up for international physical DVD and video-on-demand distribution. The film is already garnering quite a bit of praise, despite its unreleased status, including earning the #13 spot at's "Best of 2012 Horror Films" - coming in at one place above Joss Whedon's, "Cabin in the Woods". 

An official release date for "Dust Box" is expected to be announced very soon. Go here to keep up with the all of the latest information concerning "Dust Box", and everything else that Ronny has his hands on.       

The Violinist:

Maja Backovic was born in 1992, in a small town in Central Serbia. She started playing violin at age 7, at the "School for Musically Gifted Children" in Cuprija, Serbia. 

Maja Backovic
At the age of 14, Maja moved to Belgrade where she finished “Mokranjac“ music high school as the best pupil of her generation in attendance there. Throughout the course of her elementary and high school education, Maja won many first and second-place prizes at national competitions in both solo and chamber orchestra categories. She also played with school orchestras, chamber ensembles and as a solo performer in various concert halls in Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Italy and France, as well as in a series of music festivals in Spain and Portugal. One of Maja's more significant concerts was a solo performance in 2010, in the hall of „The Academy of Fine Arts“ in Belgrade.

Maja is actively taking part in master classes (solo as well as with chamber ensembles), some of them held by Louis Hopkins, Alasdair Tait, Ulf Schneider, Anatoly Bazhenov, Raphael Oleg, Stefan Milenkovic and others.
Maja is a member and a soloist of the Jeunesse Moving Orchestra, founded in 2010 and led by conducter Misha Katz. She was as well a concertmaster last year, when the orchestra took part in the Avignon Theatre Festival in France and other countries.
Currently, Maja is completing her second year of studies at the Mozarteum University, in the class of Lukas Hagen.

The Video:

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