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Monday, April 22, 2013

"An Invitation Carved into Your Face with Love" or "Eine Einladung in Ihr Gesicht mit Liebe geschnitzt"

The Music:

During the summer of 2012, I received from one of my producers, David I. Nunez, a birthday gift - which seems to be something of a theme for me over the past couple of years, in terms of music. That gift was a 30-note, chromatic, hand-cranked, punch-card, Teánola music box from the UK. On the music box, I composed and "performed" the piece, "Walzer für eine Spieluhr", which our listeners may also find on Feeding Fingers' most recent album release, "The Occupant". But, I felt that the piece, in its very basic form on the music-box had not been thoroughly explored. Also, having not written a single lyric in German since my relocation to Germany in the spring of 2010, I felt that the opportunity had presented itself to me in this rather basic and minimal 3/4 piece of music. I was left with plenty of musical space, with regard to the simplicity of the music, to work within. I took the melody and I began to write lyrics, while sitting in the waiting-room of a psychiatric clinic in München  for roughly six hours, for reasons other than what one might be lead to believe, at first in English and later translated into German, that would, with any luck, compliment the cadences. 

Immediately after returning to my home from München, in a small border-town between Germany and Austria, I began correspondences with various boys choir conductors, hoping that someone would be interested and willing to put me in contact with a boys choir member, somewhere in Salzburg, thought to possess exceptional vocal skills. And someone did - one Herr Wolfgang Götz, conducter of the annual Salzburg Music Festival and Salzburg Childrens' Choir. His suggestion; 12-year-old, Jonas Binder from Braunau, Austria.

Jonas & I recorded his performance of, "Eine Einladung in Ihr Gesicht mit Liebe geschnitzt" during the winter of 2012 at the Musikum Salzburg, under the guidance and tutelage of Asterisque - without whom, the recording that you hear on, "The Occupant", would likely not exist. And to whom, I owe nothing but gratitude and an endless supply of chocolate.  

The Voice:

Jonas Binder on the music video set in Bavaria
Jonas Binder was born on January, 11, 2000 in Braunau, Austria. Jonas' musical training began at the age of 9 with percussion. At age 10, he began taking private vocal and piano lessons. Just one year later, at the age of 11, Jonas was awarded a rather prestigious position as a boys choir soloist and pianist, where he remains to this day. Jonas now participates regularly at the Salzburger Festspiele, the Austrian National Theatre and various other festivals and musical exhibitions.  - Justin Curfman, April, 2013, Salzburg, Österreich

The Video:

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