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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Where the Threads are the Thinnest" - A New, Official Feeding Fingers Music Video Directed by Stussey

The Song:

“Where the Threads are the Thinnest”was the second song that was written by Curfman following his relocation from the United States to Germany in 2010. The music was composed in Ingolstadt on a kalimba that he had received as a birthday gift from a very important person in his life. Soon thereafter, he briefly overcame his repulsion for guitar and was able to arrange and transpose the music to be performed by a trio in order to make the recording that you hear now. "Where the Threads are the Thinnest" was also the first maxi-single released during the production of "The Occupant". Included on the maxi single are the songs, "My Imagined House" (arranged for ukulele and voice) and "Manufactured Missing Children" (for solo piano) - which are all still available here.

The Director:

Stussey is a long-time Feeding Fingers friend and collaborator. Since 2007, Stussey has worked alongside Feeding Fingers as a videographer and avid supporter of the group - making an effort in spreading awareness of the group in and around his base of operations (and Feeding Fingers' hometown) in Atlanta, Georgia. Stussey owns and operates the video production company, Mass Control Media, in the southeastern United States.

Josh Lowder
 The Video:

This music video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia with performances from Josh Lowder ("Silver Scream Spookshow", "Dracula: The Rock Opera", "Meat is Murdered: The Faces of the Smiths" among other 7Stages Theater Company productions) and the lovely Devon Marie Stawkowski - another close, personal friend of Feeding Fingers and occasional creative collaborator with the group along with Curfman's other non-Feeding Fingers-related video and animation projects who has been there with them since the beginning. Miss Stawkowski is also a singer and musician in her own right based in Atlanta.
Devon Marie Stawkowski

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