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Monday, June 16, 2014

Feeding Fingers Return to Poland to Play 6th Annual "Return to the Batcave" Festival 2014 in Wrocław - Spawns 3rd European Tour

It was announced yesterday (16.06.14) that Feeding Fingers will be playing the 6th annual "Return to the Batcave" festival in Wrocław, Poland - taking place November 28 through 30! This decision was made by popular vote from Feeding Fingers' incredible audience in Poland. Thank you!
Justin in Warsaw - Oldskull 2014

The festival will host 10 to 11 other international acts including; 

The Spiritual Bat (IT)
The Last Days of Jesus (SK)
BA13 (FR)
The Mescaline Babies (IT)
Joanna, Makabresku (PL)
Hatestory (PL)
Alles (PL) with others to be announced. 

There will also be an arsenal of DJs hosting a slew of afterparties including;

DJ Black Ossian ( (IT)
DJ Cavey Nik (Dead And Buried) (UK)
DJane Sheatle (Minimalkompromiss) (DE)
DJane IT-Sicko (Gothic Pogo Party) (DE)
DJ ZeitUngeist (Gothic Pogo Party) (DE)
DJ Mss (Return To The Batcave / (PL)
DJane Novelty (Return To The Batcave / Ian Said Dance!) (PL) 
DJ Woodraf (Return To The Batcave / (PL)

At this time, Feeding Fingers will just be returning home from their coming tour of North America, closing out with their first appearance in Mexico, at the Carnaval Gotico in Mexico City. 

Daniel in Warsaw - Oldskull 2014
However, because of this recent development, it has been decided that Feeding Fingers will be developing this opportunity to its fullest, in geographic terms - which means that Feeding Fingers will be embarking on a 2nd tour of Europe for 2014!

Using the "Return to the Batcave" festival as a 2014 tour closer, Feeding Fingers will be scheduling dates in Central / Eastern Europe (possibly Scandinavia) through the month of November. 

Bradley in Warsaw - Oldskull 2014
Poland has proved to be something of a second home for Feeding Fingers, giving them some of the warmest receptions that they have ever experienced, not only as a group, but as individuals. Because of that, It gives us all here great pleasure to make this announcement.

For more information, to purchase tickets, etc., please visit the official "Release the Bats" Facebook event page here:

Enjoy these live concert videos from Feeding Fingers' appearance earlier this year in Warsaw at the 10th anniversary Old Skull Party (hosted by our good friend, Oldskull Tomek) with Ausgang and 
Wieże Fabryk:


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