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Monday, March 16, 2015

"Polaroid Papercuts" - New Single, New Music Video & Album Preview

"Polaroid Papercuts", the second single release from Feeding Fingers in 2015 with accompanying music video and preview of their forthcoming 5th studio album, "Attend".

Written, recorded and produced across nine countries; Italy, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and the United States - spanning the course of slightly more than a year (February, 2014 - March 2015) and showing a more candid side of the group.



The Song:
Frontman Justin Curfman, typically known for being a rather autonomous musician and songwriter, discerningly reaches out beyond his usually guarded purview as the sovereign voice of Feeding Fingers to embrace the possibilities inherent in collaboration and gives us, "Polaroid Papercuts". 

With textural guitar contributions from The Death Notes' (UK) Martin Bradley, percussion elements from Cinetrope's (USA) Julian Bryan and assistance from good friends, NOI (Italy), Feeding Fingers offer a nearly-contrary sound to that of their previous 2015 release, "Your Candied Laughter Crawls"

The sharp contrast in these two pieces of music certainly begin to present some idea of what varying degrees of tonality one might come to expect to hear on Feeding Fingers' forthcoming, fifth studio album - "Attend". A double-album produced by ledgendary radio personality, Jim "Coyote J" Battan (The Edge 24/7 - Internet Radio) and Tephramedia records conspirator-ess, Dana Culling.

The Video:
Directed by Ronny Carlsson (Film Bizarro - Sweden), "Polaroid Papercuts" marks his fourth music video collaboration with Feeding Fingers. 
Ronny Carlsson

Sorting through hours upon hours of unreleased Feeding Fingers tour footage and personal, behind-the-scenes video of the band, shot across Europe between February, 2014 and March, 2015, Carlsson gives us access to a rarely-seen side of this decisively private band. The video also displays Carlsson's prowess as an editor and montage artist.  

From Ronny:

I took a break from filmmaking in 2014, after having made two mid-length films in 2013 ("GOODBYE, LITTLE BETTY" and "CREATURE 2013"). Filmmaking has always been fueled by my need to kill boredom, but after these movies I started to feel like I was attempting new projects out of compulsion. This often lead to anger. I decided to was better to stay away for a while. After all, I have made something every year since I started making shorts. Now in 2015 I have wanted to get back on the angry horse with a new project idea: to make/work on a short film every month. No matter what happens, by the end of each month I must have something. I'm also not allowed to work on it further after the month ends. Considering I will show everything eventually, it is in my best interest to make something I can stand behind. In January I made a quirky little short called "ANOTHER OF A GHOST". In February I worked on the new music video for FEEDING FINGERS' wonderful song "POLAROID PAPERCUTS".

I've been blessed with many chances to make music videos for FEEDING FINGERS, but the music video for "POLAROID PAPERCUTS" marks a significant difference. It's the first time I work with documentary footage. It might not sound like a whole lot of difference, but when you're a filmmaker who primarily wants to experiment and go for the surreal it was great to lock that away. My music video for "MINE IS NOT THE ONLY VOICE IN MY HEAD" was obviously in these veins - a montage of mostly everyday footage, but it was still shot by me and intended for experimentation. The footage used in "POLAROID PAPERCUTS" is shot by Justin himself during their European tour in 2014 and was shot for a tour documentary (still in production, and will be edited by me), but he came to me with the fantastic idea of turning the tour footage to a music video as well. While the footage was experimented, filtered and worked on heavily for full effect, my main focus was to capture a bittersweet "those were the days" experience through editing and picking the right footage. Whether I succeeded or not is up to you.

I will continue to chew on my 2015 project throughout the year. Meanwhile, you can all watch the majority of my work (films of all lengths) on Among these free titles are "RÉCOMPENCE", "REGISSÖREN" and "CREATURE 2013". 

Previous Feeding Fingers videos directed by Ronny Carlsson include: 

The Collaborators:

T H E   D E A T H   N O T E S  
(UK) are a five piece alternative rock band from Nottingham, England. The band became The Death Notes in 2010 when they were joined by singer Elaine. They went on to release ‘The Death Notes EP’ in 2010, and followed this with two singles 
 In The Spiders Web’ and ‘Obsession’ in 2011. Their debut album, ‘Splinter’, was released in November 2011 to critical acclaim.

The Death Notes

Following the departure of Elaine, the band recruited new singer Mark in 2013. Since then, the band have been hard at work on their second album. The first release from the new line up came in the form of the single ‘Panacea’, which propelled the band back into the spotlight, and it was also included in a number of end of year ‘best of’ charts. The second single from the new line up, ‘Falling From Grace’, was released in March 2014 and has received air play on a large number of radio stations and podcasts.

The bands second album, ‘Lost And Found’, was released in June 2014 to further critical acclaim.

The band are currently writing and recording new material for forthcoming EPs and new album.

C I N E T R O P E  (USA) were founded in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in 2005 and have been difficult to categorize in the years since. After having released two albums ("This Strange Romance" - 2006 and "Once I Ruled the World" - 2010), they have drawn comparisons to everything from Portishead, Siouxsie Sioux, Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a touch of Pink Floyd and the mood of David Lynch meets Quentin Tarantino. 

The Album Preview:
The release of the "Polaroid Papercuts" single is something of a celebratory decision made by Curfman as a way to mark his progress on the new Feeding Fingers album. As of March, 2015, he has written and recorded fourteen new pieces of original music for inclusion on the forthcoming, double-album, "Attend" - the group's fifth studio album. 

Curfman's vision is to have a twenty-eight song cycle. He is now halfway there and will be stepping away briefly from music and into film to work on the next, official Feeding Fingers music video - a stop-motion puppet animation short. Curfman won't be very visible for quite a while. 

In the meantime, we have made this fourteen-song album montage preview available until March 31
. Listen now, before we take it down. Please note that Soundcloud deteriorates audio quality quite significantly. This is not a true representation of the final product. This is only a sampling. 



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