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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Stop Motion Animated Film / Music Video Directed by Justin Curfman in Production

Justin Curfman - Puppet Building
Feeding Fingers frontman, Justin Curfman, has returned to the world of stop-motion animation where he will be directing and animating his most rigorous and uncompromising puppet film to date. The release of this film will be concurrent with the release of the band's forthcoming double-album, "Attend" and will serve both as the music video commencement of the new album and as a proper animated film short which will be distributed within various film festival circuits. The production of this long-overdue film has been made possible by Tephramedia chief, Dana Culling.

The film will be something of an infusion of the sensibilities of Curfman and long-time collaborator, Steven Lapcevic. Imagery, video snippets and production photos will be posted regularly via the Feeding Fingers and Steven Lapcevic Facebook pages.

The Boy
Stop Motion Animation Puppet by Justin Curfman

"The Cakeman" - Steven Lapcevic
"The Cakeman" - Justin Curfman